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ExtraMovies 2020 is a website that provides free streaming of new movies online. Not only does it provide you with Bollywood movies but it also provides you with Hollywood, Punjabi, Telugu, and Tamil movies. Read the post until the end and see how ExtraMovies will help you watch your favorite movie on your mobile phone.

Normally, when you check up on Google’s ‘free movie download’ or ‘watch free movies online,’ search engines end up giving you an exhaustive list of such free movie websites like Fun 2020 or Movierulz or any other. Many of those end up with secret charges though. And worse, it leads to a nasty computer virus that can destroy all of your systems.

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Generally speaking, we scan the web to save our money on a film and end up downloading a pirated film that may not be plain and complete, but one of them stands out – ExtraMovies Website 2020.

What is Extramovies and how is it?

Extra Movies fun is a website that streams movies that you can use to search, download and watch the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies from anywhere you like. Extra movie Armed with a good interface, on desktops as well as mobile.

ExtraMovies provides consumers a wide variety of options in terms of free streaming of videos and watching them on their favorite mobile devices from the comfort of their home.

It also helps people who aren’t crowd-adjustable and need their own room when watching a movie. If you’re part of the same group of people who like watching a movie at home, ExtraMovies can help you with the same.

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Extramovies 2020:How to Download Movies ?

  1. First watch the Extra Movies Website
  2. Click On the Movie you like to download
  3. Scroll down and you’ll see plenty of connections to Google Drive.
  4. Click any of the links (we suggest Mega Drive Link), and you will be guided to the Download tab. To download Link press the Black Download button.

You’d need to press the Download button a few times to access the actual download page as the site has loads of backdoor links that divert visitors for commercial purposes.

Click on Download Button and Start Downloading

Extramovies 2020:Is it safe ?

Sure, the website is absolutely secure up to a certain point. Since the internet is a world of confusion, you need to be very vigilant about the research that you do. Because the website does not bear advertising from AdSense, a variety of advertisements from other websites are available to users. You need to be careful not to click on any of those ads because it may cause viruses to enter your device.

The hackers can even build them which could give them access to hack your network. So, when using the website, you have to be cautious and try to avoid some sort of problem.

Overall, even though it is a pirated website, Extramovies fun has a decent rating for downloading the videos. Many videos are available on this website, and you can pick either download or watch from those videos. This website contains all of the movies that have been released for public consumption.

The users need to note that the movies and TV series on this website have different formats depending on the release date.

When you are looking for a newly released movie on this page, you might find it in a lower format like 3gp or MP4, but there are other formats available for the movies that were released a while ago, which do include HD formats. So, after a month of release, it is easier to watch movies and television shows. You can stream videos in 1080p and with audio of high quality.

When you are looking for a newly released movie on this page, you might find it in a lower format like 3gp or MP4, but there are other formats available for the movies that were released a while ago, which do include HD formats. So, after a month of release, it is easier to watch movies and television shows. You can stream videos in 1080p and with audio of high quality.

So, if you’re a movie fan, and you like watching all the movies that have been released, you need to be patient before downloading the movie from this website.

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Features of Extramovies

The ExtraMovies website comes with multiple tabs, each of them catering to a different set of a movie audience to help them better understand how to navigate through it. The website has the following majorly important tabs

Dual Audio Movies: This means that the selected movie can be interpreted in various languages, including but not limited to Hindi and English, that it might have been dubbed into.

Hollywood Movies: This particular website tab allows users to select and watch their favorite Hollywood blockbuster movies on their mobile phones.

Bollywood Movies: This ExtraMovies tab gives users the opportunity to download and watch for free from a wide range of their favorite Bollywood movies, both old and new.

Documentaries–There is a time when watching ‘movies’ all day long can get bored off. ExtraMovies also provides films for those occasions, which you can watch and start with the entertainment.

Web Series–Web series such as Game of Thrones and Sacred Games attracted humongous traffic to many websites that showed these series’ availability. Some of them presented genuine footage, while others were active in spreading misrepresentations about them. Of any web series it shows, you get the genuine video with ExtraMovies and you can enjoy it without any hassles.

Animated Movies– This ExtraMovies tab features all kinds of latest animated movies that allow both adults and kids to enjoy watching on their smartphones for free.

Extramovie Other Important Features

ExtraMovies also has a search bar aside from the above tabs to check for any movies you want to watch. In addition, the website also includes a feedback section, a tutorial on how to navigate the platform, And a Digital Millennium Copyright Act page that lets you understand the legalities behind uploading ExtraMovies of your favorite Hollywood and Bollywood films.

The “Extra movie” website also includes several other sub-categories for film fanatics. You can easily search for genres like 1080p, 18 and above, 300 MB, action movies, adventure, biography, and much more. In addition, you do have the option of selecting a film base the year it was released. And that too, until 1968!

In addition, it also offers various formats for the movies that enable consumers of different platforms to watch their interest in entertainment. Such formats include Avi videos 3gp, 320p, MP4 420p, HD 720p, Full HD 1080p, and 3 MB.

As we all know, Internet use in India is that at a high pace and it often happens that the Internet speed gets skewed due to excess users in a given area or location. The use of the internet is limited to ExtraMovies fun, and it also gives you suggestions according to the speed of your internet. Has many formats for a video, ExtraMovies fun lets you watch your favorite movies according to the pace of the internet you are using.

Thanks to the 300 mb Dual Audio format films available on this page, it’s also a worthy page for Mobile users. It also offers the option to either view or downloads the movie online.


Piracy is a felony, so we never defend it. We shared some information about the ExtraMovies in this post, just for the Educational purpose. We will not endorse any conduct that is in violation of any statute. All media were copyrighted to their trusted proprietor. We also help and educate people to download or watch non-pirated movies. We are also helping and encouraging people to download or watch movies from non-pirated websites and apps such as Amazon, Netflix, etc. that do not break any rule.

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