List of Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest in 2020: A Perfect Guide

Best Cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies in 2020: Cryptocurrency has become a highlight since the emergence of Blockchain Technology and now in this article we talk about Cryptocurrency Forecast 2020. It was back in the year 2017 when cryptocurrencies were highly prominent because of the Bitcoin’s immediate skyrocket prize which affected about 20,000 USD / Coin.

But it is even surprising that the price trend was steadily falling after the spike. There are very few Statistics that Stastista shares that will help you to understand the price increase trend and fall in Bitcoin between Aug 2017 and Aug 2019.

Yes, for a short time this has been a significant rise and has attracted many people’s attention. Now all look again and again on the same side and hope that they can invest in 2019 and 2020 with the finest cryptocurrency. Everyone searches for which currency they should invest in on the crypto market?

Before Discussing which cryptocurrency is the best we understand some valuable points. Is it lucrative now for cryptocurrency mining? Yeah and no, both of them. What and how you mine plus your electricity bills rely on the location of your plants or farms. Bitcoin (BTC) is no longer the most lucrative coin: mining problems are so big that the whole farm, packed with juggernauts servers, needs to get a block. Fortunately, a lot of excellent altcoins are available for lucrative mining. While mining is not as dirt-cheap and lucrative as a few years ago, it remains a lawful way to earn crypt and get almost passive revenue. Miners in crypto trading are more intelligent now. They prefer to exploit the most promising cryptocurrencies only as a valuable hazard, time and money are wasted in fresh coins with a small amount of trade. However, there is always enough enthusiast to promote a fresh crypto project through mining or minting blocks and to confirm transactions for a future start on the Moon.

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2019 and 2020

The reality is that currency that understands very well, and that does not imply that you will invest first. When investing in 2020, a finding which cryptocurrency was the best to invest in 2019 will be a top priority. There are approximately 2073 listed currencies according to CoinMarketCap. Some of them have great potential, others have great potential

Why should you invest in Cryptocurrency

Same as the stocks market and other investment platform cryptocurrency is the new emerging and best choice to do invest. But there are few things which need to be analyzed first is, for how long you would like to invest in? The reason is Bitcoin was started back in the year 2009 and it did not get any response till 2016 and at the beginning of 2017 it got a massive change in market price. Stock investment has the number of guidelines and options available to analyze in the market but cryptocurrency has not, as it is a decentralized currency. The fresh emerging and best choice for investing are the same as the stock market and other investment platform cryptocurrency. However, there are few items to first analyze, how long do you want to spend on? Bitcoin was launched in 2009, and no reaction until 2016 and a massive change in market prices was achieved in early 2017. Investment in stock has the number of market analysis rules and choices available, but the crypto-monetary does not exist, as it is a decentralized currency. It is therefore difficult to forecast change in cryptocurrency prices and this will be a more trend-based pump and dump. Just like other corporate investments. Investors should first decide how much they want to profit from it. Since there could be both loss and gain opportunities.

Investment Time Horizon

The greatest issue you should ask yourself is “How long would you invest?” Yes, it’s not easy to decide, but let me help you respond.

Long Term Investment

As we saw the cryptocurrency trend, it’s got different up and down. You can select yourself the duration of the investment, just like other investments. We have chosen a crypto-currency before. It is a wise choice to conduct the necessary studies and seek to identify future growth possibilities

Before Investing In Cryptocurrency Try to find out the following Questions

1. Identify the past performance of the currency

2. Do you have sufficient balance to hold that cryptocurrency

3.Analyze the future performance of the cryptocurrency

4.What about the company’s suggested cooperation with other enterprises?

5. In the worst scenario, determine your profit loss margin.

You should begin on board if you are prepared to reply to the above 5 issues

Naturally, the long-term choice may have several points.

1.Determine the duration of any target price to achieve

2.Determination in terms of holding the fund duration

These two questions are important deciding

Short term Investment

This choice is a large suite in the cryptocurrency industry for those that already have a great deal of experience. The reason is that you either fail or go through two opportunities. As it is simpler to recognize in comparison to long-term growth opportunities for the near future.

Since you saw Bitcoin in early 2017, everyone began to invest in Bitcoin and the trend on the market was positive.

Few individuals took a blind choice to invest in the industry and have made decent profits in the brief term. Was it not exciting? Is it not exciting? I think yes, so the chances for profit are not fixed over the short term, but yes you can do that if you are up to date on the market. In ICO the new business sells its set coin proportion on a cheaper price, and this time it will benefit. You will learn about the IPO in Share Market, similarly to ICO (Initial coin offering) in cryptocurrency. Take part and try to buy as much as possible in an authentic piece.

Take the Electronium coin instance; it’s pricing at ICO and the official launch came to around $0.01/Coin. It has been traded for $0.30/coin in cryptopia. You produced 30 times more profit in only a few days. The wiser choice is this: there are different ways to invest for brief periods, for example by daily trading, buying ICO and investing in monetary matters. Make sure to prepare responses to the following issues before taking a quick choice.

Where is it to be invested? Where are you prepared to invest?

Time Horizon of Investment

The key issue to answer is how much profit or loss you are prepared to sell.

Are you informed enough to invest because there is a high risk of loss in the brief term?

Can you update with crypto-news and newsletter from the business on a regular basis?

There are some common cryptocurrency know by people such as


2. Ripple


4.Bitcoin Cash

5. Litecoin

There are many cryptocurrencies which people are not aware of which have a huge potential to invest in so I am going to tell you about such cryptocurrencies list in order to invest in 2020.

Top 10 list of Best in 2019 Investment Cryptocurrency


You think the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019 or 2020 is Ripple or not. The individuals who invested in early 2017 received a smile on their faces at the end of 2017, when ripple reached about $3/coin from 0.12$.

10 Best Cryptocurrency

This is not only a cryptocurrency but a widely used technology for payment transactions. It’s the most trusted and used cryptocurrency. It covers Ethereum’s payment transaction time. It currently has an enormous market cap of approximately USD 15 trillion.

10 Best Cryptocurrency I
Ripple CryptoCurrency

Larger firms like JP Morgan, American Express and the central bank of Saudi Arabia, which also use ripple technology, are crucial in Ripple(XRP). If you wonder the best crypto-monetary investment in 2019, it should be your best choice.

Before Investing in Ripple There are five things

Ripple supports by 120 financial institutions

A number of renowned financial institutions, amongst them Santander Bank, Western Union, America Express and Money Gram, are already gaining interest from Ripple, just to mention a few. These partnerships are however available for xCurrent, which is another Ripple product. More than 120 banks have tested xCurrent, a blockchain-based product, according to Ripple.

XRP Opportunity Listed on CoinBase

For the first time, Coinbase has introduced the Ripple nomination as a prospective fresh entry. Coinbase prepares to put Ripple on its trade. This can happen once Coinbase Trust is authorized by the Big Apple Monetary Services Department (NYDFS) to provide custody services to six cryptocurrencies.

Good government relations

It has shown the usefulness of cryptocurrencies to the International Monetary Fund. In March 2018, the Financial Stability Board, made up of several central banks, declared that cryptocurrencies were not considered a tool that poses a risk to world financial stability.

XRapid Launch

Monday, October 1, the Californian company announced xRapid, an innovative system that would allow the use of XRP cryptocurrency in a matter of moments to conclude cross-border transactions. The first three firms to use such innovative technology will be Mercury FX, Calix and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union, which will increase Ripple’s listing repeatedly.

Ripple at the Tokyo Olympics Game 2020

A newly launched petition is that 12,000 signatures have already been received to make the event official Ripple cryptocurrency. According to Ken Takahashi, the author of this petition, Ripple (XRP) can solve a large range of logistical issues, particularly in relation to the currency exchange, related to major international sporting events. Takahashi proposes a system that requires Ripple (xrp) use, rather than using the Japanese yen.


Well, as Bitcoin did it in 2017 too, where its price rose from $4 to $320+.This coin has a few benefits in block time, compared to Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a block for about 10 minutes, but the block size is about 2 minutes and about 30 seconds.


It is worth about 84 million coins in the maximum market cap compared to 21 million Bitcoin coins.


The second option for investment is Ethereum, just as Bitcoin, multiple currencies accept Ethereum in return for ICO. There’s about $23.5 billion in market capitalization. From November 2016 to November 2018, we saw an enormous increase in prices in 2017 and also the trend in Bitcoin.


It, therefore, shows that the price shift based on Bitcoin trend has a powerful effect. In Jan 2018 it achieved approximately $1000 per coin.ETH is the original currency of the Ethereum platform and operates for miners on the Ethereum network as the transaction fees


TRON seeks to create a true decentralized web-based entertainment and world-wide free content system, using blockchain technology. The TRON Protocol reflects the architecture of the blockchain operating system, enabling developers to freely publish, own and store information and other material in smart contracts and decentralized appliances.

Tron CryptoCurrency
Image source from google

Reasons For Investing In Tron

Thanks to blockchain technology and the project it develops with certain gamers like Builtgiuld, Tron (TRX) could revolutionize the world of internet media and gaming. The TRX has announced that it plans to reinvent the internet environment with regard to shared, uploaded and utilized multimedia material.

The first reason is that Tron TRX is a renowned cryptocurrency representing the digital values and blockchain ecosystems gaming industry. So this crypto-currency signs partnerships with portals such as BitGuild,, and Xu Le. It is therefore not unusual.


Another reason is that All of these gaming systems are on the same page as Tron because they support the use and execution in the gaming industry of digital gaming as a fresh on-line gambling and censoring method.

Tron currently has the technological capacity to load and distribute multimedia content and should quickly operate as its primary platforms such as Google Play Store or iTunes. However, the difference between the Tron network and these providers is that, in essence, the Tron company is decentralized without any third party presence while, without a doubt, the Google Play Store and the iTunes are strictly centralized for profit.

5 Tether USDT

Tether is a value that reflects the U.S. dollar value. Tether. The concept was a stable cryptocurrency, which could be used as digital bucks. Coins used to replace the stable dollar are called “stable coins.” “stable coins.”The Tether USDT is a contentious cryptocurrency with tokens issued by Tether Limited, which says each token issued is backed up by a U.S. dollar, even though it can never necessarily be paid out via the Tether platform. It’s the second traded crypto-Monnaie after Bitcoin, according to Coinmarketcap.


Tether is not an economic tool, says Limited. The Tethers holders do have no contractual rights, other legal claims, or loss guarantees. Limited and the cryptocurrency Tether are controversial in order to provide an audit that shows Tether’s supposed role in manipulating bitcoin’s cost. The company’s audit shows that the company has no proper reserves.


NEO is the best youthful crypto-monetary to invest, it’s crypto-currency of Chinese origin. It has a production cap of 100 million and at present, it is 65 million.

Neo Cryptocurrency Where block clearance times are approximately 15-30 seconds quicker than Bitcoin.

The best part of the NEO is Chinese authority. Support. NEO has entered the boom and has expanded across the nation after Bitcoin had been banned in China.
You can suppose how much China has on the big market, and if the Chinese government supports NEO fully in the future, then you can not even predict the cost of the coin.
In order to help you get a thorough understanding of NEO, we have developed a comprehensive guide on checking it for more. It has the ability to do 10 thousand transactions per second. You can assume that China has a huge market and if the Chinese Government in the future fully supports NEO, you can’t even predict how much the coin will cost.


This is my list of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019 and 2020, with the ability to make 10,000 transactions per second and increasing chance. The cost of this coin in 2017 also rose from 4 dollars –304 dollars. Because in that currency there were many investors

7.Dash Coin

Dash is a digital cryptocurrency, forked from Bitcoin, so it has a maximum supply of 18 million and presently circulates 0.8 million coins. It is also a price increase of $20 to $11,000, so it believes that people and could be yours too.

Dash Coin
source from google

I suppose that you probably know above the 6 top currencies, so let me share some unknown cryptocurrencies which are the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019 and 2020. It is also the best and trusted and could be the best crypto-currency to invest.

Dash Coin

All Candle Stick Chart pictures credit goes to

8 – Electroneum (ETN)

Many of you did not know about this coin but it came from 2017 and was most popular even in ICO. The idea of mobile mining has been innovative. This rendered this coin the most popular in 2017 and 2018 and strongly suggested.


The team behind this coin supports and shares quality data and has made ties with just a small number of businesses in order to make the transaction. ICO was priced at approximately € 0.01 and was traded around $0.30 just after a minute of a start-up. It was later recorded with Coinmarketcap so that in the above graph you could not see that price spike. I would strongly suggest that you put it in the 2019 list of the best investment cryptocurrency. In the end, let me suggest you a little more currency worth investing.

9.Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is another large, Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency of 2017. It was implemented to overcome Bitcoin’s minimum block size and became the best way to spend time overnight.

It may be interesting to know that if Bitcoin does such a bucket to generate new currency, everyone who has bitcoin is rewarded with the same amount of free new currency.

It was the same with Bitcoin money, and It has approximately USD 9.32 billion in market capitalization.

Bitcoin cash


Maker is a smart contracting platform in the Ethereum chain, which reinforces and consolidates DAI value through an independent feedback mechanism and a dynamic system of debt collateralization (CDP), and adequately incentivizes external players.

Maker Candle Stick

Summary and Conclusion

It is quite difficult to identify cryptocurrency and predict future development. So first decide why you want to invest, answer the question?

Then go for the best cryptocurrency proposed in 2019 for investment.

The comprehensive guide on the difference between Bittrex and Binance. Crypto-monetary is bright and can develop, and according to statistics, around 28 million blockchain wallet users are distributed around the world. There are different methods to invest in cryptocurrency and get free to know more about the item. I hope you liked reading, and hope you receive favorable feedback from your investment.

Note: All Candle Stick Pictures Credit goes to Investing Website


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