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2019 Tamil Rockers: TamilRockers is basically a pirate torrent website renowned for sharing copied original content. It basically shares a free download of latest released movies such as Tamil movies, Dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and English movies. Like other websites like MovieRulz, TamilYogi, Worldfree4u or FilmyWap, 9xmovie, etc., Tamil Rockers also support streaming facilities.

The latest released movies in different Categories languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam Hindi Dubbed Movies Leaked Free Download Online can be illegally downloaded from the Tamil Rocker website. Newly published Tamil film Nerkonda Paarvai and Tamil film Aadhai has been leaked recently by TamilRockers.In this website, you got the movies in categories manner and arrange in alphabet order so that users can easily migrate from one place to another.

When you download movies from this website then you have to face the ads and lastly, you can download the HD movies from this website. If you want to use such a website then you should have VPN such websites are monitored by govt.

Who Are Tamil Rockers

TamilRockers is a website that offers internet pirated films. Hindi and English films are also available for illegally downloadable format in addition to Tamil Movies Dubbed and Telugu films on this website. Also in April 2018, people connected with this website were detained. Even before that, in December 2016 and September 2017, its owners were arrested. The government has blocked the website of tamil rockers many times, but with new domain name and IP address this website is activated again and again. Since many internet users have crowded a location to download Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam Movies for free, their popularity has risen a lot.His popularity has grown a lot. It is extremely popular among South film fans member, daily gaining demand from this portal, just like Movierulz, TamilYogi, filmywap etc.

You will find all the films categorically arranged perfectly on their website. Their back-end teams are working hard to satisfy their audience who can download and watch the favorite latest Tamil movies released free of charge. At first, all the films were held in Section Wise. They are also put in alphabetical order in that chapter. This makes it very easy for users to navigate and jump to each other.

You may have to face many ads in this kind of website while downloading the film, but in the end, it’s also acceptable for HD Movies to go through all these ads, and they need your patience for a few times. If you use such a website to download films, you need to use a VPN because the state monitors every internet activity of yours. In India, piracy is a legal offense, and India’s government is strictly opposed to it, implying various strict anti-piracy laws that may result in imprisonment or fine or both.
So it’s better to avoid such illegal activity and choose the right way to download movies or watch Amazon Netflix, Amazon Instant Video.

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History of Tamil Rockers

Malayalam TamilRockers was founded in 2011. This website was created at the same time as the Torrent website. Through magnetic connections, they share pirated copyrighted materials peer to peer.
It gained popularity after a few times later, it became a public torrent website. Now there was so much demand for torrent at that time, people are familiar with frequently gaining access to torrents sites to download files. So they had a torrent site to construct. Where Hollywood hosted the first Tamil Rockers Punjabi Films, Bollywood films in their initial stages.

Later movies dubbed in regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam were also placed on this site at the request of the individuals and enormous demand. Since they give pirated copies of their website’s original films, this website is more known as a pirated site or torrents sites.

After a few days, their dubbed films became so popular and their demand touched high in the sky, they began to make available dubbed films in various languages such as Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, English, and Hindi on their websites.

The popularity of this TamlRockers Co website is so big that millions of crores depend on TamilRockers Com Website download for downloading and watching HD Tamil Movies, not only in India but also around the globe. Not only this, it also depends on many other film downloading sites for new content on their own. Taking TamilRockers as a black market or illegally sharing and selling society with copyright also grew ups that are also engaged in offenses sometimes.

Also in April 2018, people associated with this website were arrested. Even before that, on December 2016 and September 2017, its owners were arrested.

TamilRockers Latest updates: 

Nerkonda Paarvai TamilRockers Leaked

TamilRockers is always at the forefront of bringing its website with the latest movie. These latest movies often make their pirated copy available before release on their website. Nerkonda Paarvai’s complete film online just a few days ago: Tamilrockers leaked before the official release. The movie was a remake of Hindi Movie Pink, A Flim by–H Vinoth, Starring–Stars: Ajith Kumar, Vidya Balan, Rangaraj Pandey, Shraddha Srinath, Abhirami Venkatachalam, Andrea Tariang and others A recent release film “Aadai” by South superstar Amala Paul. Its full HD version can be downloaded from the website of Tamil rockers.

Here are a few recently released movies that were also leaked on their website by the TamilRockers. Like, Judgemental Hai Kya: Kangana Ranaut & Rajkummar Rao starrer leaked from Tamilrockers, Ram Pothineni starrer iSmart Shankar also leaked online through the Tamilrockers Piracy website. Another movie that has been most talked about on social media, Jiiva and Shalini Pandey starrer Gorilla becomes Tamilrockers latest target and gets leaked online. Countless film already published or awaiting release receives the notorious piracy website under the microscope of TamilRockers, which is renowned for making Tamil film accessible online, Malayalam films download free.

Another shocking news is coming out Tamilrockers piracy website leaks Men In Black starrer Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson.

Tamil Rockers New Links of This Domain

TamilRockers frequently change their domain name, become safe from being traced by the cyber cell, anti-piracy cell, or already blocked by the Indian government using Telecom Department, Internet service providers-ISP or Search Engine Providers platform –SEP. If you search these keywords in google search box “What is the latest TamilRockers website?”There will be a thousand latest results available on some of the latest TamilRockers new link news. But kindly keep in mind that it is totally illegal to download films from this website. You can also receive penalty for this at the same moment.

Despite all the government’s efforts, stopping them has become impossible. They create their fresh website with other URLs when they block a site. So stopping them from doing incorrect exercise like piracy is very hard. They started working again after bans and returned to service using new domains.The following are some sites lists :

1. TamilRockers.info
2. TamilRockers.ph
3. TamilRockers.cc
4. TamilRockers.to
5 TamilRockers.biz
6. TamilRockers.lv
7. TamilRockers.tw
8. TamilRockers.tr
9. TamilRockers.gr
10 TamilRockers.az
Warning:-If you listen to me, remain as far away as possible from such pirated film sites. It’s illegal, and Indian governments in India have banned and have strong anti-piracy law, leading to imprisonment or fine, or both can be charged against anyone who does or engages in piracy in any way.

List of Popular Movies on TamilRockers

The list of Popular Movies on Tamil Rockers are Super 30 -July 2019, Men in Black: International -June 2019, Marvel’s End Game (April 2019) Captain Marvel (March 2019) Ranveer Alia’s GullyBoy (February 2019) Rajinikanth Film Viswasam (Janua 2019), etc

Downloading Tamil Rockers Movies: Safe or Avoid it?

From start to finish, we have discussed different aspects of Piracy and the website list involved, such as TamilYogi, MovieRulz, RarBG, TamilRockers, etc.
You’ve all understood by now that TamilRockers is a website for pirated movies. That’s why it has been strictly prohibited by the Indian government. The film industry is suffering a lot because of their and websites like these, according to the government. Because as many new films are released, a website like this is first uploaded to their website, promoting film piracy. In this manner, filmmakers from the production houses sector and their team are faced with a lot of issues collecting revenue from their newly released film.Their originality has less value and Pirated copyrighted movies are easily accessible so people are not interested in spending a single amount of money and time on cinema halls or theatre.But for those who like watching movies for free, it’s really a boon. But it causes a lot of damage to the filmmakers because they don’t get any result from so much hard work. You have to know how much you have to spend on filmmakers making movies. At the same time, if it reaches people free, they will never go to the Movie Hall to watch the movie, or will buy any CD DVD. So watching movies and downloading in such free time is totally wrong.

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Always choose the correct entertainment route, use Paid subscription where films are accessible at reasonable charges such as Amazon Netflix, , Hulu Plus, Hotstar, iTunes ,Cinema Halls, Amazon Instant Video ,Theater Etc. And the most important thing is to follow the rules of the government. Because cyber cells, anti-piracy cells are always monitoring online, breaking rules can lead to already discussed punishments, imprisonment for at least 5-10 years, or Fine or Both can be charged. So kindly stay away with the incorrect stuff. See for safety and keep a safe distance.


Warning:–We are not encouraging or promoting piracy. We strongly oppose piracy and wrong activity, for general awareness and educational purposes only all this information has been published. Piracy of any original content is an offense punishable by Indian law. This content is for reference purposes only and no ownership of this material is claimed by Learn4funs.com. Also Learn4funs.com does not support or promote piracy in any way, it is for educational purposes only, so that general people know the truth and stay away from such illegal piracy websites and activity.

Be safe and save originality from killing piracy.


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